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Rudransh Panda

Originally posted on Autism Memorial:
Name: Rudransh “Romy” Panda. Died: June 17, 2017. Age at death: 18. Cause of death: Murder. Location: Hyderabad, India. Details: When Romy was twelve years old, his parents placed him at a rehabilitation center because…

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Resolution for C# Unit test project error : UTA002: TestClass attribute cannot be defined on generic class

if you ever have tried writing a generic class with attribute set to [TestClass] ass below , you might have got Runtime error which begin with “UTA002: TestClass attribute  cannot be defined on generic class”  & follows multiple such codes … Continue reading

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Manually Deploy SSRS RDL reports to Report Server using SSRS Report Manager Site URL

Recently I had to deploy some of my SSRS reports in a remote VM, where no Visual studio was present, so I followed the manual process steps followed are as below Step 1 : find the report manager URL by … Continue reading

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Error while accessing Localhost SQL Reporting Services Url – user ‘DomainUserName’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed

In my machine I have 3 SQL server instances installed. 1> SQL Server 2012 2> SQL Server 2012 Express 3> SQL Server 2008 Express   so the corresponding default local host report server names are as below 1>http://localhost/reportserver   for my … Continue reading

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SQL Server Configuration Manager SQL Server Services access error “remote procedure call failed[0x800706be]”

In My laptop I have multiple versions of SQL server installed like SQL Express 12, SQL 2008 Express and SQL server 2012, so on my widows 8.1 machine when I goto start -> type SQL Server Configuration Manager in the … Continue reading

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How to Add event log source in eventViewer with check of if not exists usingPowerShell

I recently used this PowerShell script for my project , in order to create Windows event log source in event viewer. hope it can be useful for other too. $logFileExists = Get-EventLog -list | Where-Object {$_.logdisplayname -eq “My_Logs”} if (! … Continue reading

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How to get the QueueItem details for an Object – CRM 2011/CRM 2013

If you have noticed, in CRM 2011/2013, it is common that when you click on an QueueItem record in any of the Queue Item views, it always opens the Actual Object i.e. the case record or activity record or Lead … Continue reading

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How to make CRM 2011/2013 OData RetrieveMultiple call from Java Script

though I have mentioned that this code will work for both CRM 2011 and CRM 2013, but only in one place we have used getClientUrl() call, which is CRM 2013 specific, for more details on this please see my previous blog … Continue reading

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CRM 2013 New and Beautiful getClientUrl() method instead of getServerUrl()

In CRM 2013 Microsoft has introduced this new client context method called “getClientUrl” This is the replacement to the previous method called “getServerUrl” that was present in CRM 2011. This method was faulty because it always returns the server name … Continue reading

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Object doesn’t support property or method while executing new XMLHttpRequest from CRM 2011/2013 html resource

Recently I faced this weird error Object doesn’t support property or method while My CRM 2013 html web resource invoked from a CRM ribbon button was trying to execute the below method required before making the CRM Ajax based call. function GetRequestObject() { if (window.XMLHttpRequest) … Continue reading

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