Manually Deploy SSRS RDL reports to Report Server using SSRS Report Manager Site URL

Recently I had to deploy some of my SSRS reports in a remote VM, where no Visual studio was present, so I followed the manual process

steps followed are as below

Step 1 : find the report manager URL by opening the Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool and navigating to Report Manager URL shown as below.



Step 2: Open the URL in Internet Explorer Administrative mode.


you will observer my home site has two folders

1- Data Sources     – This is the folder I will create my data sources, which will be referred by my report

2- TestReports  – This is the folder I will upload my reports (.rdl) files.


Step 3: Open the Data Sources Folder by double clicking it and then add a new Data source. Make sure you set the data source as active and test the connection string, before clicking the apply button.



Step 4: Click on the Data Sources link available in the site map to come back to the Data sources folder and see that your created Data source is available


Step 5: Go back to the Home by clicking the Home link in the top left corner of the page and then open the TestReports to upload your rdl report into it


Step 6:  Click on the Upload File link and then click the Browse button to select your rdl file. and finally click Ok


Step 6: Open the Manage command on the report you have just uploaded as shown in the below picture to assign the data source to the report



Step 7: Select the Data source  link in the manage window and assign the appropriate data source as shown in the below pictures.



Step 8: Apply the changes and navigate back to the TestReports folder.




Step 9: Run the report by double clicking on it



Hope this post has helped you…





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