Error while accessing Localhost SQL Reporting Services Url – user ‘DomainUserName’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed

In my machine I have 3 SQL server instances installed.

1> SQL Server 2012

2> SQL Server 2012 Express

3> SQL Server 2008 Express



so the corresponding default local host report server names are as below

1>http://localhost/reportserver   for my default SQL server installation instance, which do not have any instance name as you can see in the 3rd entry in the above picture

2>http://localhost/reportserver_SQLExpress12  for the SQL Server 2012 Express instance

3> for my SQL Server 2008 Express I have not enabled reporting services hence it don’t have any url, but if it was enabled the URL would look like http://localhost/reportserver_SQLExpress


I was trying to use this server URL, i.e. http://localhost/reportserver_SQLExpress12 but it was continuously giving me error as below



I know that My windows UAC setting is at the lowest value, which is not safe, But for this error, I have changed it temporarily.



still I was facing  the same issue,

I even made sure that the TCP port for the corresponding SQLExpress instance is enabled as well as the reporting services are running, by using the SQL Server Configuration manager tool.



but still I was facing the same access denied error.

later I realized that if I run the uRL in an IE which is opened in Administrative mode it works.

later I found this msdn ( )  link, and I followed the steps mentioned in the link To Configure Local Report Server and Report Manager Administration

and that helped me with the error, now I could happily access my report service URL from the browser, without opening in administrative mode.



Hope this blog helped you too…

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