How to get the team members details from a team ID in Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 Using OData Call

Recently I had the requirement to display the list of team member details like User Name, Full Name etc. in java script.
I was using the Odata designer tool found at
but since team members is a many to many relationship between User and Team I knew that I have to use the $expand tag in the Odata on the teammembership_association , which is the name of the many to many relationship here.

But my confusion started because I was trying to retrieve it using the entity name “TeamMembershipSet” which was causing the Odata query to fail when I try running it in the Browser.
But finally I found that I need to use TeamSet instead of TeamMembershipSet or SystemUserSet.
so the below query worked flawlessly for me.

https://servername/xrmservices/2011/OrganizationData.svc/TeamSet?$select=teammembership_association/DomainName,teammembership_association/FullName,teammembership_association/SystemUserId,teammembership_association/IsDisabled&$expand=teammembership_association&$filter=TeamId eq guid’8e033b49-6e7f-e311-9359-d89d6765b238′

though I struggled a bit due to the confusion with the presence of teammembership entity name in the list, I am glad I could finally figure it out. posting it for others who might have similar difficulty.

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